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Hemanext Sponsors Rome Workshop Hosted by Centro Nazionale Sangue

Hemanext recently sponsored a workshop hosted by the Centro Nazionale Sangue (CNS, or commonly known as the Italian National Blood Centre), a division of the Ministry of Health, that sets policy and procedures for blood transfusion and coordinates the national blood supply.  This one day workshop was held in Rome, and was titled “Anaerobic Storage of Red Blood Cells for Transfusion” and focused on the benefits of the Hemanext RBC Processing System.

The workshop was well attended by participants representing CNS and the various regional health systems that collect and transfuse throughout Italy including Hematologists specialized in Thalassemia and Haemoglobinopathy Care, Anesthesiologists, Intensive Care Specialists and Transfusion Medicine Specialists.

Presentations by the Hemanext team and prominent leaders from the Swiss and Italian Health Systems were given to discuss new perspectives for better clinical outcomes in chronically and acutely transfused patients. Participants left with a much better understanding of the role of oxygen in accelerating storage lesion effect, and damaging red cells as a result of prolonged exposure.